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Hunt one of Colorado's premier limited license Areas for trophy Elk and Mule Deer. Quality Elk unit 66 is a four point restriction for Elk and a complete draw unit, giving the hunter an excellent chance at a large mature bull Elk. This Unit is Quality managed for Elk. The Colorado Division of Wildlife has recently rated this unit as one of the best in the State of Colorado for exceptional Elk hunting with excellent success. Bull Elk taken in the years from 2000 thru 2003 were well defined and uniformed antlers from 4 x 4 to 7 x 7 racks. Average Elk taken are 5 x 5's or better, with many satisfied clients having their trophy mounted. When we say Quality, we mean exactly that, from a comfortable camp ,good food, excellent guides, a large population of game, and no outside hunting pressures.  I have personally sighted bull Elk scoring 330 to 375 the area. This year a 6X7 bull elk harvested scored 335 B&C from our hunting operations in unit 66. Bull to Cow ratio is 36 to 100, making this one of Colorado's top elk units. All Rifle and Archery licenses are either sex, meaning your Elk tag will be good for a Bull Elk or a Cow Elk, your choice, unless you apply for a "cow only" tag. This license regulation has been successful in keeping in check the herd population objectives by harvesting a limited amount of cow elk and producing trophy size bulls. This is a pretty good deal. Use our hassle-free license application service, free if you book with us. A Successful Guided Base Camp Rifle Elk Hunt
Steve Bland of Vt. 2004 buck Buck Mule Deer taken averaged from 25 inch to 30 inch spread and 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 antlers with heavy mass. Scores have been from 140 to 198 on bucks. Old timberline bucks inhabit the area with spreads of 35 inches and are as smart and cagey as they come. In the last couple of years the Mule deer population has rebounded termendously thanks to the limited hunts and there is a plentiful amount of monster size bucks in the area at this time. These are the true monarchs of the Rocky Mountains. A successful draw license requires a minimum of four preference points for Buck Mule Deer in Unit 66 for a non-resident, so start saving up on preference points for some excellent Mule Deer hunting. Contact us for the latest updates on these hunts. If you are looking for a mule deer hunt only, check out our late season 4X4 hunts for trophy mule deer from town on our hunt package list. A client can apply for a "preference point only" this year and use it in the future year's hunt for Elk and/or Mule Deer. This insures a license for that year. Many apply as a group, some as individuals. We can assist you with your license applications and questions you might have concerning these superb hunts and the draw license process.
We are very proud of our staff, guides, and wranglers over the years.  There is no substitute for experience when it comes to guided outfitting and packing your game and gear in and out on horseback over rough mountain trails in all types of weather.  Also to our gentle horses which are like family to us and make it all possible. We operate our outfitted hunts with the highest professional standards. A true "Colorado Wilderness Safaris" for Elk Hunters. If you enjoy an uncrowded Wilderness hunting Adventure with plenty of opportunities, our quality hunts are for you! 2004 success from a drop camp elk hunt, Joe Heckle from Minnesota